Recent Before & After Photos

Heavy rain causes sewage backups

The rained only poured for a few hours but the storm dropped several inches of rain in that short period of time. The sudden surge of water overwhelmed the stor... READ MORE

Mold growth behind baseboard molding

It is very important to always remove the baseboard during water damage mitigation. If the base molding is not removed, the moisture behind the baseboard is tra... READ MORE

Water damage in finished basement

Sarah was attempting to take a shower but she couldn't get any hot water. She had a hot water heater let go before so her suspicion was that the hot water heate... READ MORE

Rain floods garage

It rained all day and night. The garage roof was old and needed repair. The rain soaked the ceiling and walls of the garage. The homeowner had used SERVPRO of C... READ MORE

Family room sustains heavy water damage

The homeowner came home from work and had an unpleasant surprise. A pipe broke on the second floor and poured down continuously into the family room. Parts of t... READ MORE


The homeowner noticed the small water stain kept on getting larger so he called SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont to assist him. SERVPRO removed a small section of t... READ MORE

Monday morning surprise

The office manager opened up Monday morning only to discover a disaster had occurred over the weekend. A pipe had broken in an upper floor causing extensive dam... READ MORE

Pipe break causes water damage to offices.

The facilities manager got the call in the middle of the night. There was a pipe break on the 2nd floor and water had poured down into the offices on the first ... READ MORE

The furniture in the garage was floating

Lucy called our office in a panic, she said “my furniture is floating away, please help me”. Her garage was at the bottom of a pitched driveway. It ... READ MORE

Slow leak in pipe causes extensive damage

The Parkers could no longer close the basement door. A slow leak in a pipe behind the wall caused the door to swell preventing it from opening. The Parkers call... READ MORE