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Winterize Your Shed

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

shed covered in snow We care!

Everything you need to know about how to winterize your shed! There are few things you need to do in the fall to help make your shed ready for a cold harsh winter.

Thorough Cleaning

Your shed becomes a place to store everything, from pots, lawn mower, fertilizer, mulch, garden hose to gardening tools, and many other things. Before you decide to close your shed for winter with all your summer stuff it is a great idea to do a very thorough cleaning before closing it for good!

  1. Remove all the things outdoors to sort out what you need and what has to be disposed
  2. Sweep the floor and remove any cobwebs.
  3. Clean the gardening tools properly and store them in plastic bags, so that you have them ready for spring.
  4. Empty out the contents of the garden hose and then roll it to store away properly to prevent it from cracking or getting damaged in extreme temperatures.
  5. Remove oil and gas from the leaf blower, lawn mower and trimmer
  6. Place potting soil, fertilizer, mulch, and grass seed in individual plastic bags and secure them.

Repair the Interior of the Shed

When you empty out the shed and after you finish cleaning the floor and walls, it is time to inspect the interiors of the shed and make repairs to holes or damages that have been done. Make sure to check the floor, ceiling and walls carefully. If you notice holes and crevices, use caulk to fill them in. You will preventing pests from getting inside your shed in winter.

Give the Roof Special Treatment

Remember the roof of your shed is what protects everything inside, do not neglect to do inspections on this very important part.

  • If the shed has metal roof, there will be areas that are rusted. Clean the roof thoroughly and rustproof it.
  • Replace loose shingles and replace any that is broken.
  • If you have a wooden roof, look for wood warping, boring insects, and cracked panels.
  • Replace rusted nails and reinforce loose panels properly.
  • Trim overhanging branches from trees, as they can damage your garden shed once they get heavy with ice and snow.

Repair the Exterior

Check the exterior of your shed carefully. Look for holes in the siding and make sure they are filled Use these tips to winterize your backyard shed. It may sound like a lot of work, but if you plan on doing a little bit every day, you should have your garden shed ready for winter within no time. Winterizing your shed will boost its longevity and you will not have to worry about repairs when spring arrives.

If you need cleaned because of bugs or animals in the spring call SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont! Call us at 617-864-7378.

Know what To Do If A Storm Catches You Off Guard

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

lightening striking in front of a car We can help you during your time of need

When the sky is clear and the weather is warm, it seems silly to think about thunderstorms ruining the fun—but unfortunately, this happens quite often on hot, humid days, as that creates the ideal condition for a sudden storm to form.

When storms catch people off-guard, they are often extra dangerous because people are not sure of what to do. With these tips, you can make sure you are prepared for a storm anywhere.

Make Sure You Are Prepared for a Storm Anywhere

Know your options for shelter. When you hear that a storm is a possibility and you are somewhere you can wait out the threat, this would be the ideal thing to do. That being said, when storms come up suddenly, this will not always be an option. You can set up shelter in your vehicle with the proper guidelines in mind, enabling you to wait out the storm anywhere you are.

Practice electrical safety. Claps of thunder are caused by lightning strikes, so any thunderstorm has the potential to cause lightning damage. If you are sheltering in a building, unplugging your electronics can help prevent damage from a power surge in case lightning strikes the building. Surge protectors are also a smart thing to invest in, both for your home and your office, in case you are not around when a storm starts.

Avoid direct contact with concrete. While concrete structures do have sturdiness going for them, they also pose risks when it comes to lightning strikes due to their metal framework. When lightning strikes a concrete building, the electricity can transfer from the metal and through the concrete, so be careful to not sit or lean against any concrete surfaces during a storm.

Stay indoors for at least 30 minutes. If you are interrupted by a thunderstorm, you will likely want to get back to your summer fun as soon as you can, but it is important to give yourself ample time in your shelter spot. Lightning can travel nearly 30 miles from the center of a storm cell, so experts recommend waiting at least 30 minutes before heading back outside.

If your home sustains damage due to a storm, you can count on us to help. Contact us at any hour to learn more about our storm restoration process.

Precautions to Take to Keep Your Home Safe From Wildfires | SERVPRO® of Cambridge/Belmont

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

a gated long brown pebble driveway tucked next to a large brick home If your home is damaged by fire or any other reason, SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont is ready and able to repair any damage.

While flooding is a major concern in the greater Boston area, there is also a risk of wildfire. While the risk may be lower in Massachusetts than in other parts of the country, it is still a risk, and wildfires by their very nature can cause great damage.

There are a number of steps you can take in advance to minimize the risk of a wildfire affecting your home and property. First and foremost, it’s important to simply be more careful when it comes to fire hazards.

But defensible space is another important protocol you can implement.

Create a Barrier of Protection Around Your Home

Creating a fire break around your home is recommended by most communities and its law in a few states. State and federal agencies have coined the term “defensible space.”

This essentially creates a buffer zone around your house that removes most, if not all, of the fuel available for a wildfire. Things like dead trees, broken-off tree limbs and gutters full of debris are all examples of the fuel that makes wildfires extra dangerous around a home.

Defensible space involves removing combustibles and incorporating nonflammable elements in landscaping, which creates a barrier around your home from the flames, embers or even heat from a wildfire. This is the best way to slow down or stop a wildfire.

States like California require defensible space by law and all homeowners must comply. In Massachusetts, it’s simply recommended.

The Rising Number of Wildfires

While California is a hot spot for wildfires, they happen in other parts of the country as well. Last year, we experienced over 59,000 wildfires.

Of the 59,000 wildfires, over 10,000 occurred in California! That still leaves each state in the union an average of 1,000 wildfires per month. Here in Massachusetts, we had 1,189 wildfires in 2020.

Creating defensible space is something tangible we can do in advance a wildfire, so it’s a great place to begin when it comes to protecting your home.

If your home is damaged by fire of any sort, wild or not, SERVPRO is ready and able to repair the damage caused. Get in touch today to get the pros on your team.

When Disaster Strikes, Choose SERVPRO | SERVPRO® of Cambridge/Belmont

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

damaged furniture and other home items sitting outside of red brick house When you are dealing with any damage, immediate action is crucial. SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont is your local restoration expert.

Homeowners, business owners and property managers, it’s your job to make sure operations run smoothly. Keeping morale high and the family happy is a priority.

When something like a disaster strikes, the status quo is upset! All of those responsibilities take a back seat, and you now have a new focus. You may have never managed a crisis before—and that’s why we’re here.

Managing and handling a crisis is our job, not yours! Let us handle the pressure, we do it for a living.

When life tries to get a fast one by you, trust SERVPRO to take over and get you back to normal.

Equipped, Qualified & Ready

Our job is to be ready when needed. When you call, we’ll be on the way in a moment’s notice. We understand there is no time to spare when fire damage, flooding or a natural disaster is at hand.

When a crisis happens, we’re queued up and ready to go.

Being Faster to Any Disaster Is What We Do

When a disaster hits, we understand that we need to drop everything and come running. After all, in a disaster situation, every second counts.

For every minute that passes, mold can grow, and you can have more smoke or water damage. A fast response is critical, and with a local office right here nearby, you’ll be the beneficiary of a local company with national resources.

We Know the Best Disaster Recovery Techniques

Disasters don’t care where or when they strike, and homes and businesses can suffer accidental or natural damage.

We have custom plans for many situations, and we’re prepared to get your home or business back to normal ASAP!

Our Expertly Trained Techs Restore Your Property "Like it never even happened."

We’re not a “here today and gone tomorrow” type of operation. SERVPRO is an expert in the recovery and restoration business because we care about your satisfaction enough to ensure your property is restored to its original condition.

We are committed to ensuring your restoration is exceptional from start to finish.

We Modify Our Approach When New Disasters Arise

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, illness prevention is high on the priority list. With that in mind, we now offer sanitization and disinfecting services that go beyond normal office cleaning.

If you want your customers to feel safe and welcome, we can give you that ultra-clean space and ease the worries of your customers and employees at the same time.

Fires burn, storms rage, pipes leak—it happens. Your local SERVPRO is ready to take on the challenge so you can get back to life.

Regardless of why you need cleanup or disaster recovery, SERVPRO has the tools, the technicians and the training to get your situation under control. When you’re ready to get help from the best, get in touch with SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont.

Emergency Ready Profile for Your Business

8/23/2021 (Permalink)

technician spraying anti microbial spray We are always here for you and your business 24/7 365

When accidents strike they do not care whether you are prepared or not! As a business it is vital that you know what to do, who to call, and how you will bounce back in the event of an emergency.  The fact is that as many as one in four businesses that suffer a major disaster will not reopen afterward. Do not let your business become a statistic!

Here at SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont we pride ourselves in being a resource to the businesses in our community. It is important to us that the businesses in our community and surrounding communities survive. SERVPRO has a Free Emergency Ready Profile that your business can use to help prepare you in the event of a major disaster. Studies show that the faster you can react to a disaster it lowers the damage done. The profile helps store everything you need such as contact information, locations of shut off valves, pictures and so much more to help in the event there is a disaster. The profile you create for your business is also useful to us as it will inform us of where our vehicles should park in the event of a loss. This is helpful in the event you do not want to bring public attention to the fact that your business is experiencing some kind of loss.  

We understand you may already have a facilities manager or be a facilities manager who knows the ins and outs of the building. The profile is not meant to replace a facilities manager in any way – it’s a resource for them.  Anything can happen and as a business you want to make sure whoever is nearby can pick up your profile and depending on the type of disaster know exactly who to contact and what to do if anything.

The Emergency Ready Profile can be distributed in digital form and/or hard copy. We understand that as a business too much time cannot be wasted, for that reason the profile can be completed within 30 minutes.  If you are interested in creating an Emergency Ready Profile for your business Call us today 617- 864-7378. We will set up a time for an office representative to go to your business to fill out the profile for you for free!

We Are Here For You After A Storm

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

yellow sign with stormy weather ahead writing You can call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to report your damage and receive exceptional service

Severe weather is a powerful thing, and it can cause significant damage to homes, property and businesses. In recent years, the cost of treating storm damage has continued to rise nationwide, but not treating it can lead to much larger problems with your structures later on.

Choosing the right restoration company is one of the most important things you can do if you have sustained storm damage. They will be responsible for taking care of your building and belongings, as well as making sure that every aspect of the damage is thoroughly handled.

Picking the right company for the job will provide you with great peace of mind and ensure that any damage is properly addressed.

Why We Have Become Leaders in Storm Restoration

Our reputation has been earned over time. We are proud to be not only a member of the local community but also to be considered a leader in the restoration industry as a whole. We have worked hard to earn our reputation, and we are proud of it. After disasters, there are many scams afoot that take advantage of those who are vulnerable, but when you trust us, you can be certain you are getting the best in the business.

Our resources allow us to take on more jobs. If there is a large area that is impacted by a storm, you do not want a company that is struggling to keep up with demand to be in charge of your restoration. Thanks to our national partners, we can handle disasters that are any size with the same service and expertise we always do. When there is a large storm, we can call for backup in the way of extra resources and workforce to handle the issues.

Our emergency response is truly 247. Severe weather never takes a day off, so we won’t either. You can call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to report your damage and receive exceptional service, so as soon as you discover you need us, we can be there. No matter what time you discover you have received damage, you can call us and be certain you will receive a rapid response from our expert technicians.

When you have damage from a storm to your home or commercial building, you can always depend on us to handle it. Contact us at any hour to see our exceptional service in action.

Fall is Almost Here - Are You Ready?

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

infographic preparation for fall tips We are always here when you need us! 365 24/7
  1. Get Your HVAC Serviced

Your AC has been faithfully chugging along all summer. Now it’s time to give it a rest. Before you tuck it away for the winter, be sure to clean the coils. You can find YouTube videos showing how to do this safely.

If you’re done using the AC for the year, cover the outdoor unit to keep debris and ice from damaging your system. Then move indoors and switch your thermostat from cooling to heating. Change the filter, too. You should also make sure all indoor vents are uncovered, and maybe clean your own air ducts while you’re at it.

  1. Clean the Gutters

Clogged gutters will channel water down the side of your home where it eventually damages the foundation and can flood your basement. So get a ladder and pull debris out of the gutters by hand. If you have a one-story house, you can use this leaf-blower attachment to blast the stuff. Still too much work? Hire a gutter cleaning company — they’re worth it.

  1. Drain and Store Your Lawn Equipment

Over time, unused fuel goes through chemical changes that create deposits and destroy your lawn equipment. So drain the tanks of your lawn mower, leaf blower, and weed eater before storing them. Fall is also an excellent time to get your lawn mower blades sharpened so they’ll be ready for next spring.

  1. Turn Off and Drain Outdoor Faucets and Sprinklers

Outdoor hoses and pipes will burst if they’re full of water when the temperatures plunge below freezing. While replacing a garden hose isn’t that difficult, it’s incredibly expensive to dig up your lawn’s sprinkler system to deal with burst pipes. So, disconnect your outdoor hoses and turn off the outdoor water supply. Open outdoor faucets and run your sprinkler system to drain any remaining water. Then take these steps to prevent frozen pipes.

  1. Inspect and Clean Your Chimney

Nothing is charming about filling your home with soot, smoke, and carbon monoxide because your chimney isn’t working correctly. Even gas fireplaces need an inspection to ensure the pipe is free of cracks that can allow smoke to enter your home. This job is best left to pros. The cost runs around $100-200.

  1. Get Your Snow Blower Ready

By the time winter arrives, it’s often too late to find snow gear. Stock up on such things in autumn when they’re plentiful and lower-priced. Even if you think you’ve got enough left from last year, or that your snow blower or shovel are in good shape, take a few moments to check. You don’t want to get caught out in the cold finding out you’re wrong.

Don’t Delay

As with most home maintenance tasks, preparing your home for fall isn’t tricky, just time-consuming. Putting it off causes problems that can wind up costing you an enormous amount of money, though, so set aside time on the next couple of weekends to get these jobs done.

If you have water, smoke or mold issues, please call SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont to assist you (617) 864-7378

Smoke Damage

8/19/2021 (Permalink)

bathroom wall affected by fire We are always here when you need us!

Fire damage is the physical damage to a property as a result of burning. The damage can be directly caused by flames or indirectly due to smoke and other substances emitted by fire such as soot. Smoke and soot can be as damaging to your property as actual flames. This is because the smoke will create black clouds throughout the walls, ceiling, and porous materials in your property. There is also a strong odor associated with smoke that is very hard to remove from porous materials such as clothes, carpets and furniture. In the unfortunate event your home or business experiences fire damage (flames, smoke or soot) we recommend you enlist the help of a professional to help you clean your property as thoroughly as possible. If a firefighter was called to your property the likelihood that water damage occurred is highly likely. In this event you have to make sure that the water is dried as quickly as possible to prevent the possible growth of mold. When mold grows it will spread quickly, cause possible health effects and increase the cost of remediation. For this reason edge on the side of caution and just hire a professional in the beginning. We at SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont will ensure we get everything done right the first time so you can have your peace of mind and property back!

Fire Safety Tips

8/19/2021 (Permalink)

infographic fire prevention tips If you do have a fire call SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont (617) 864-7378

A house can easily catch fire from the misuse of appliances to smoking in bedrooms. You can take measures to avoid fire in your home and ensure the safety of your family. Below are some of the most common causes of household fires, and some tips to take precautions.

Cooking Equipment

Pots and pans can overheat and cause a fire very easily if the person cooking gets distracted and leaves cooking unattended. Always stay in the room, or ask someone to watch your food, when cooking on hotplates.


Keep portable heaters at least 5’ away from anything that could easily catch fire such as furniture, curtains, laundry, clothes and even you. If you have a furnace, get it inspected once a year to make sure it is working to safety standards.

Smoking in bedrooms

Bedrooms are best to be kept off limits for smoking. A cigarette that is not put out properly can cause a flame, as the butt may stay alit for a few hours. It could burst into flames if it came into contact with flammable materials, such as furniture. Did you know that fires started in the bedroom or lounge make up 73% of all house fire fatalities?

Electrical Equipment

An electrical appliance, such as a toaster can start a fire if it is faulty or has a frayed cord. A power point that is overloaded with double adapter plugs can cause a fire from an overuse of electricity. A power point extension cord can also be a fire hazard if not used appropriately. Double check the appliances and power points in your home.


Candles look and smell pretty, but if left unattended they can cause a room to easily burst into flames. Keep candles away from any obviously flammable items such as books and tissue boxes. Always blow a candle out before leaving a room. Did you know that in Perth last year 34 house fires started as a result of candles?

Curious Children

Kids can cause a fire out of curiosity, to see what would happen if they set fire to an object. Keep any matches or lighters out of reach of children, to avoid any curiosity turned disaster. Install a smoke alarm in your child’s room and practice a home escape plan with your children and family in case there was a fire. Inform your kids the importance of knowing their address knowing their address and if they needed to, call 911.

Faulty Wiring

Homes with inadequate wiring can cause fires from electrical hazards. Some signs to see if you’ve bad wiring are: 1) Lights dim if you use another appliance; 2) For an appliance to work, you have to disconnect another; 3) Fuses blow or trip the circuit frequently. Have a licensed electrician come and inspect your house, or contact your landlord if you have any of the above occurrences.


Barbeques are great for an outdoor meal, but should always be used away from the home, tablecloths or any plants and tree branches. Keep BBQs regularly maintained and cleaned with soapy water and clean any removable parts. Check the gas bottle for any leaks before you use it each time.

Flammable Liquids

If you have any flammable liquids in the home or garage such as petrol, kerosene or ethylated spirits, keep them away from heat sources and check the label before storing. Be careful when pouring these liquids.


Lamp shades and light fittings can build up heat if they are very close to light globes. Check around the house to make sure. Lamp bases can become a hazard if they are able to be knocked over easily, and so should be removed if they are. Check that down lights is insulated from wood paneling or ceiling timbers.

The above tips are a good guide to avoiding a fire in your home. If you do have a fire and need assistance with the cleanup, please call SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont (617) 864-7378

Dishwashers - Water Damage

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

soapy water under dishwasher Simple repairs will save you in the long run

When to Fix: Common Dishwasher Issues

Typical dishwasher problems involve broken mechanical parts. Think a broken soap dispenser, dislodged sliding rack wheel, or broken sprayer arm.

When a dishwasher won’t drain, there’s usually something in the drain process that shouldn’t be there like lemon seeds, glass, plastic wrap or even bobby pins. “With a high-end dishwasher, you’ll get an OE overflow code. Often I can disconnect the machine, lean it forward, and drain it for a fix without having to replace any of the control boards,” says Craig.

In general, if you have to fix an issue but the unit is relatively new, it makes sense to fix if repair costs are under half the cost to replace the appliance. A good unit can last you 15-20 years if it’s well-maintained.

When to Replace: Do the Math

Once you start to replace the electronic boards, it gets expensive. On high-end dishwashers (KitchenAid, Samsung, Bosch) if the user control panel and the power control unit go out at the same time, it’s not worth it to repair it. “The parts alone will exceed $600 wholesale,” says Craig.

If a dishwasher is more than 7-10 years old and you’re paying more than half of the original cost in repairs, you should consider buying a new one.

Replacing a door latch can get pricey - this can run $200-250 for parts and labor and you can easily avoid this repair. If you want to add in dishes, don’t just pull it open. Hit pause and let the automatic lock release. It will save you money!”

Leaking is a big problem around the door or underneath where the motor or pumps assembly are. Costs vary depending on how old the unit is or if the control board is gone. Contact your local department store for most up to date pricing.

How to Avoid Issues

Don’t overload the machine and when you first have a problem, look at your model number and do some online research to learn about your machine. There might be an easy DIY fix for your symptoms. Or the manufacturer may offer a warranty.

Don’t run a garbage disposal at the same time the dishwasher is running. The two share the same plumbing, so if they’re going at the same time, you are more apt to kick debris into the dishwasher discharge line and clog it.

A little preventative maintenance goes a long way. Have a pro come every two years, clean out your lines and any calcium deposits, and get you running clean again. If the dishwasher does leak, call the preferred professional, SERVPRO of Cambridge/Belmont (617) 864-7378.